seb's photos: china - mongolia

30.8. - 16.9.2007   17. - 20.9.2007  
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lola is changing colour before leaving beijing, shao ming and his family which is a bit mine now too. mongolia's steppe starts just after the great wall but with good roads on chinese side!


the gobi traverse. nothing there really... but so much at the same time. the desert and all it's greatness. magic!


the last part of the gobi traverse and the time in UB with some basque people. then the road north of mongolia, wind, temperature and landscape are siberian but you can't see it really well on the pictures!

8. - 18.10.2007   18. - 25.10.2007   25.10. - 22.11.2007

north of mongolia, freezing because of a terrible cold wind that nobody can imagine if you've never met it! landscapes and people to take your breath away! mongolia like in books... even better!!!


every morning mongolians come to see if i'm alive in my tent. -20 or -25 and the snow starts with a terrible blizzard (not much on the floor but each snow flake is like a needle) it makes you stronger! but snikers help was welcome!!!


last cycling days before UB - from yurt to yurt. thanks mongolians and the cooks in the GH who asked me to show them my eater talent! no worries! snow and blizzards are back in northern china which was very cold (-25 every night)